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Have you ever wondered what is the story behind the dish you are eating? What are the exact ingredients used in it and why the chef has chosen to use them in particular? Well if you did, you are for sure at the right place, but don’t worry if not, maybe I will succeed in wakening your curiosity and you will start from now on, and maybe, just maybe you will find an interest in the stories that I am about to tell you.

But first thing first, let me introduce myself; my name is Daria Ratiner and I am a food photographer and gastronome based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. I share my life with my best friend and husband Asaf and our amazing dog Ollie. Together we run DnA open studio, a photography studio based in Tel-Aviv. I have a bachelor degree in communication and management from the Tel-Aviv University, a photography diploma from Studio Gavra and a master degree from UNISG, the university of gastronomic science in Pollenzo, Italy.

I fell in love with food traveling in Asia, the colors, the smells and the textures drugged me into an endless journey of discovery. Since then food had always followed me around being both my comfort and an inspiration. Food is art, but not only, it is a story of place, ingredients and most important people.

During my studies I had the opportunity to spend some time living first in the north of Italy, in the beautiful Piedmont region and later on in London during my internship with the Jamie Oliver’s Food Foundation. Both places, completely different and yet charming in their own way led a strong impression on my palate and changed the way I think about cuisine and food in general.

I hope that through the pages of this blog I will be able to bring to live some of those memories and let you taste a bit of them.

Bon Appétit,